Beijing 2005
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Beijing - May 2005

In transit - Hong Kong

Waiting for the opening - Chaoyang Park


Interview 10 already

Bus to Tiananmen Square

Forbidden City

Rear Flag - Forbidden City

Leader Preston - Forbidden City

Let's try...

First Show - Chaoyang Park

Beijing Night Lights

Lunch Again

Morning Show

"Top" Man

Like this...

Rickshaw ride - Hutong

Outside the Hutong "Tea House"

Afternoon sun - Hutong

Band Photo - Chaoyang Park

Photo Opportunity

More "guests"

Scotland The Brave - Great Wall

The Police Arrive

In full swing

Jo - Great Wall

Band on the "Wall"

Band again - Great Wall

Still there

Yes we were there!

Fairleys - Great Wall

Duncans - Great Wall

Fergusons - Great Wall

Group Photo 1 - Greate Wall

Group Photo 2 - Greate Wall

Group Photo 3 - Greate Wall


Keep looking up!

The Ascent

The Narrows

Looking back

Flattens out

The summit (for us)

As far as he got

The descent

Was I really up there?

Madam Butterfly

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

The long corridor - Summer Palace

The Perfect "9 Arch Bridge"!

Corridor paintings

Dome paintings - Long Corridor

Stone Boat - Summer Palace

Summit - Longevity Hill

THE Summer Palace

Summer Palace

Beijing Tibetan Foreign Medical Center

Yanxiang Hotel Restaurant

Overnight Train to Wuxi

Our bunks

Grand Canal - Wuxi


Bamboo bender

School Flag raising - Wuxi

Rich Man's house

Same house

Inside said house



School day closing ceremony

Lowering the Flag

Little dance

SChool dismiSS

Guess who are the Inner Mongolians

A real drum at last!

On the steps with the Cubans

Our turn

On the steps

The festival opening

All together now

In concert

Fextival Concert - Wuxi Music Hall

Shanghai from Jin Mao Tower

Emperors Boat

You want a Rolex?

Group photo - Pudong

Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake edge

Taihu Lake

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