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Edinburgh Military Tattoo - August 2007

Tattoo Team - Auckland City backdrop

Tattoo Team Takapuna Beach - Rangitoto backdrop

First time onto the esplanade

Finding the line

Is everyone out yet?

Down the slope

Up the slope

Looking good so far

Dressing off


Return to the halt

Into the thistle

Drummers in to

March off

Fall in

Where are the brass


Somewhere under the stand

Cast on

Preparation for the real thing

Pipers last tune

Drummers don't need to practice!

They just hang around

And take it easy

While the pipers are still at it

Here we go, behind the gate

Into position, check your spot

Still checking

Following the leader

Up to the line

And Halt

Not much room for drummers

Lots of applause

Off into the "Thistle"

Marking time on the correct spot

The green Thistle leaf

We really were there

And off the Esplanade

Massed Pipes & Drums

Waiting for the finale

Scottish pie & cup of tea

Felix in the chair

Start of street march

Edinburgh march

Time for a chat

Move up


Tug of War Team

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